Pokémon GO App Reviews

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Doesnt work on my iPhone 5

On my sisters iPad Pokémon go works but on my iPhone 5 it doesnt


This game really lived up to my expectations! It was great! Its fun looking for pokemon and getting some exercise too! If you havent downloaded it yet, your missing out on things!

Best game ever 10 out of 10 and suggestion

Ive been playing it since it was released and I travel a lot so I can find reginal Pokémon and in a raid for articuno for the 5th try I caught it and I was so happy and heres a suggestion: Make a battle mode where you can bet your Pokémon and if you win you get the other persons Pokémon and if you lose the other way around of what I said and you could be with a buddy to help you

Amazing Game read below pls Niantic!!!!

One thing to say. Actually two. Definitely 5 star game. and also..... #RELEASEMEWTWO4EVERY1


I am very disappointed with the creators of this app. because both upgrades have made things worse. I cannot log-in. The game is great but I had to log-out with the first upgrade and now its been almost 24 hrs of trying to log-in and it does not work. And now since I collect 1000/1000 the bag is full, am unable to play anymore and there are new characters. Please change so I can continue to play.


Wow it went out of trend in like a week. I knew this app was terrible.

Raid Eggs

I love this game and Pokémon in general. The new raid system made it even better but in recent updates they removed the warning eggs and now I dont do raid battles because I miss the start of it when people are actually there. Please put them back!

One thing

One thing is that you need to connected to the internet to login. This REALLY gets on my nerves because if you are out and about, and want to hatch some pokéeggs or walk with your pikachu, you need to be connected to the internet! Great game overall, I think i like the changes. BUT raids are not fair. You need a whole TEAM of Trainers to take do a ledgendary. Nintendo, tnhus could be better.

I am speechless ???

I have been playing for 1 year!! I have come so far. There is 1 complaint... Some things are the same.

Very nice ?

We play it as a family and love it. I love all the new stuff and I think it changes so much and to not play we would miss out. I wish you could talk in app. Like if I was in a gym at home and another put a Pokémon in there it would be cool if we could send a message to each other. Just a suggestion. ???


Ive been begging you guys to make poke stop for the past year still havent theres one poke stop in my area and thats the only one Im a 11 year old Im not aloud to go far. So please add more poke stops and also this is the reason the game is probably dead

Let down.

Unless you live directly in the city dont waste your time.

Crashes - new last couple of days

Fun, but please fix these new crashes. Also, it logged me out a couple times without my doing anything... the system for logging in is a bit messy - should work this into the games interface instead of sending me to the google site on a web browser

Needs Improvements

This game has been exciting until they focused on releasing Pokémon instead of fixing the common big bugs that everyone including myself occurred on a daily basis. I cant even battle the gym at times by my house due to error"s or the game force closing while raiding or even playing the game. Please focus on the bugs a bit more is the cause of players leaving the game. And the game still crashes on iPhone 6 btw you guys havent fixed the problem.

Latest Update - Berry Problem is an iPad Problem

Update-08/17/17 CAUTION IPAD USERS!! Since the 06130/17 update, the bugs listed below are affecting iPad users!! Download/use at your own risk. These following bugs will increase your frustration level! However, make sure to report this problem to Niantic if you experience it. Razz Berries - not working Nanab Berries - not working Pinap Berries - now work 50% of the time Incense - not working Items will not "engage" making it harder to catch high CP woke on.

Great Game

I looooooove Pokémon Go!! Its definitely improved over time and the thrill with legendaries is at an all time high!


Whhyyy pls make Pokémon go playable in china pls Im on vacation niantic pls jest do it for people


Why did you remove the google sign in well its not there for me only trainers club I have a level 19 account but i cant log in because I login from google

Pokémon collector only.

Im a Pokémon collector not a trainer or a raider or a fighter. All I want to do is collect Pokémon. I cant collect them all if you put certain Pokémon in raids only. All Pokémon need to be caught in the wild or hatched from an egg. These are the only Pokémon I will collect. Please allow all Pokémon to be collected this way. Thanks.


whoever made this please make monsuno go. basically the same concept but different things you have to catch and you catch them with whatever they go in in the show

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